Our Work

Some of the automations we’ve done for clients around the globe!

Monthly Giveaway Automation

Klaviyo x Shopify x Integromat

The automation picks out a random newsletter subscriber at the end of every month, creates a custom discount code for a specific product on Shopify, and sends over the discount code to the winner in an email. Once the winner claims the discount code, it announces the winner to all newsletter subscribers! In the case that the winner doesn’t order in three days, it picks out the next random winner for the month. Carries out this cycle for 4 times until a winner is chosen!

End to End Workflow Management 

Monday.com x Gmail x Integromat

A complete overhaul of a client’s workflow management system. From getting a new client request, to passing on the request from one department to another; everything covered in one smooth collection and flow of Monday.com boards and workspaces, with all timely communications and reminders, both internally and with the client, 100% automated.

Custom Inventory Management System

Airtable x Woocommerce x 3PL x Integromat x Zapier

People rarely find an inventory management system that meets their exact needs, so we created one on Airtable from scratch for one of our clients! Showing units present in all stages of product’s journey, including on hand, available, new stock in-transit, return stock in-transit, lost/destroyed, etc.

Social Media Management System

Airtable x Facebook x Instagram x Integromat

Organising the content on Airtable, and then automatically posting on the social platforms, including automated comments on the post by the account.

Account Management System

Google Sheets x Shopify x 3PL 

A custom accounting system on Airtable, with automatically generated monthly and quarterly reports, including P&L, balance sheets and cash flows.

CRM automation

PipeDrive x Integromat x Todoist x Proposeful

Hardcore CRM optimisation and automation! From client-to-client varying, personalised automated follow-ups, automated proposal creations, lead qualification filters, all the way to super neat easy to manage pipelines and deals!