Hello there champion!

I'm Naveed, the Founder of Leanworm. I've also founder several e-commerce retail business over the years, in niches ranging from home-decor, apparel to digital products. And that's the real story to tell here.

Throughout my time as the business owner, I went through the exact turbulent period of inefficient processes crashing as you're going through at the moment. Insufficient follow-ups, redundant workflows, tons of money wasted towards super expensive tools and never quite getting them to work within the team, feeling stuck in this cycle without getting the chance to really think about where the business is headed.

Furthermore, considering that you’d like a 100% and human beings can never be that, I just couldn't live with the anxiety coming from knowing that the humans in my team, while irreplaceable at the tasks that require creativity, brainstorming and critical thinking, will more often than not be unable to deliver when it comes to the more mundane tasks.

Behold, this is where I discover the world of no-code process optimisation and automation.

Birth of Leanworm


10+ courses, heaps of experimentation and countless chats with automators around the world later, I successfully managed to appropriately structure, optimise and automation 90% of all of my businesses.


This is when I really got the time and the capital to actually work towards my businesses' growth, something that I had wanted to do from day one!


And with that, Leanworm was born.